Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's ok to cry!

Sometimes in life you just need to sit back and cry. No one ever said it was bad to cry. Jesus even cried, look at John 11:35. So you might be wondering why so sad, why not cheer up big pup as an old friend would say. But sometimes in life you fall in love and love is not a easy thing. You try your hardest to do all the right things and act the right way but then you're not prefect. You missed a step, or get out of alignment, and you heart begins to ache. In all my ways I find my self searching and reaching for that love. The love the last through all kinds of weather, and in all times. The love you don't question because you know at every moment he is as madly in love with you as you are with him. This love is the love I long for and the love I know I have.

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