Thursday, August 28, 2008

The journey called LIFE!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Everyone has a story to tell in life and my story is about the wonders of my savior Jesus Christ and it goes a little like this...

Along the journey called life I have experienced many up's and down's and have had my share of hitting rock bottom. However at every bottom I seemed to find Jesus reaching to pick me up and put me on firm ground. About a year and a half ago I decided to take a leap of faith and follow Jesus to the Lafayette area because this was where he was calling me. I didn't really understand what he had planned for me but just knew it would be something amazing. Since moving to Lafayette Jesus has opened many new doors in my life. He has allowed me to meet some amazing people who showed me a better way of living and that was living for Jesus. Since then I started looking forward to things, planning ahead, and just gaining confidence in myself. However there still was something missing and that was the ultimate gift of handing my life over to Jesus. I was holding back because I was afraid of letting him have complete control over my life. Also I was afraid to let a man into my life because of the violence, the rejection, and the hurt that came from past experiences. I truly didn't know if I could let myself fall head over heels in love again. This however was something Jesus was allowing me to open up about. Jesus gave me an amazing friend that I felt safe around and allowed me to open up and talk about past issues that was stopping me from giving my life to Jesus. Another thing that was stopping my relationship with Jesus was that I was trying to force it. I wanted so bad to hand everything over and for it to be prefect the next second. That's just not how it is, love with Jesus is something that come natural. There is no forcing it. From their my conversations with Jesus completely changed. I started feeling him in my life, and in my heart. On July 4th Jesus proposed to me the most amazing way. He did it the way I had always dreams of, the way I wanted my princess charming to propose. However it was more amazing then I ever thought. After I said yes I was flooded with emotions. I started skipping and grinning from ear to ear. At that moment I had felt the most alive then I had ever felt in my life. Since that day Jesus has made a new purpose in my life and that is living for him. I have gained patiences, I've stopped worrying, and most of all he is giving be confidence to share his love with others. The most amazing thing is the feeling of love. Every corner of my mind, body, and soul is truly head of heels for him and this is not because of something I did, it is because of the power and grace of Jesus. I now look forward to the doors Jesus presents in front of me and I open them with the eagerness to see what amazing thing awaits!

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