Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Sign From Up Above!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just yesterday I was questioning my love for Jesus and how I could fall head over heals for him. I want to have a personal relationship with him just like if I was married to him. I was going over and over it in my head just picturing what it would look like. So far we have gone on walks, had long talks over just about everything, and even cried and laughed together, but the thing that has been missing is the head over heals feeling you get when you are crazy in love with someone. Knowing at every moment you are loved by them and that they would do anything in there power to be with you and only you. Well while I was driving yesterday a car pulled out in front of me and reminded me how much Jesus truly loved me and wants to have that relationship with me. Now you might be saying how can a car pulling out in front of me do this. Well you see on the back of the car says "Jesus Loves You." Just what I needed. I have always said that boyfriends writing messages on windows or in grass was always romantic and how I wanted that to happen to me and yesterday I had that chance. Now it's not the man back then I thought would write me a message but this message was well worth the wait and means more then anything to me. It is opening my heart to the possibilities of the connection with Jesus and the love you can only get when you are head of heals in love. I continue to wait to see what he has next for me and I know that want ever it is it will be more then I ever imagine.

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