Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not So Special

Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about what would make my birthday special. Many might think that I don't enjoy celebrating it. However I am filled with excitement of the day. The only thing that turns me away from my birthday is what others would say as the inconvenience of it. All my life I have only wanted my friends to join me on my birthday for a celebration. Doing something that I enjoy and helped planned. You see often people tell me I have a great birthday (December 31st) because everyone is celebrating. Yes this might be good for someone who enjoys the party life but that's just not me and yes everyone is celebrating somewhere else. Most of the time my birthday gets missed all together and/or blended with Christmas. The last couple of years I have tried to celebrate my birthday by myself and don't get me wrong I had a great time, however something was missing. The laughter! This year I decided I would postpone my birthday and just have a celebration when everyone gets back. Now I really don't want this out of the bag tell last minute because I want people to come with out knowing it's a birthday celebration. I want them to come, because they want too! They want to enjoy a nice get away with there friends. Most of the time I will give into other to make things convenient for them. This time however I am standing firm, even if I go alone to celebrate. For I rather spend a day alone then with a friend in a rush. So I pray that God will take my not so special birthday and turn it into something breath taking!

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