Monday, January 12, 2009

Lesson learned from a homeless man

The other day I was sitting at a coffee shop working on a project for work when a man joined me at my table. Not a big deal because it happens all the time, however this time it wasn't the same. He began a conversation with me that lasted for about 2 hours. As we continued our conversation I began to feel God working in our conversation. I began talking to him about Jesus and gave a couple of verses Jesus was speaking to me. I new from the start the man was homeless however I didn't want it to change the way I interacted with him. Through our conversation we talked about hope, dreams, and friendships. I talked to him about how I could depend on my friends to be there for me. How I could count on them and so on. It was a real eye opener because often you forget. As the night got later I became afraid on the man that sat on the other side of the table. Not because of something he did but because of his unstable mental help that was revealed. Then and truly then was when I reminded of how great my friends are. With a single text message I was able to contact a great friend of mine who responded and was at the coffee shop within 15 minutes to walk me to my car. That night was a great reminder of true friendship and the power of Jesus Christ in our life. He provides opportunities to help people in need of encouragement as well as providing protect for our safety. All you have to do is to put your trust in him!

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