Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking at Life!

The way you look at life can completely change your life and attitude. It's kind of like the old saying of is the glass half full or half empty. Over the last month I can look at all the bad and disappointing things that has occurred and give up, or I can praise God for the special moments he has provided for me. I can bury my head in my lap and cry or I can pick my self up and cherish my time here on earth. It kind of has to do with my theme for this year, "Dream Big." I can take the set backs and stop dreaming or I can push on and dream bigger dreams. Tomorrow I am celebrating my 24th Birthday and I am going to start off by looking at my life from a new angle. I want to stop viewing my life for all the bad and disappointments that occur. I want to praise God for all the amazing things in my life and the beautiful person he has created me to be. My whole life I have always dreamed of being beautiful and looking a certain way. But each day I am learning how beauty comes from believing in yourself. Reflecting your love in your heart, and allowing the glow to shine bright. So may the love in my heart shine bright for all to see and allow me to view life in a completely new way. May I take the disappointments in life and turn them to be lessons and blessings and may I praise Jesus for all the wonders he brings my way! May tomorrow be a start of something new, something beautiful!

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