Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Lessons from a Car

For the last three days my car has been sitting on the side of the road, dead. Each time I tried to start the engine my little car gave all it had to start, however it was just cold and lifeless. I tried just letting it sit and have the sun warm it up and I even tried my best attempt to jump-starting it. And yes I did have to google 'how to jump start a car'. However, nothing seems to work. Finally I gave in and called to have it towed away. When they finally arrived I was talking to the guy about what was wrong. He got in the car and continually tried to start it. My car put up a fight with him. It made all kinds of noises, movements, and release gas, but after about 10 minutes it started. This made me think about life and how we put up a fight against Jesus. We try everything to live a happy, fullfilling life but nothing seems to work. We hand different elements over to Jesus and we show little signs of life but it never lasts long. It's only when we throw up are arms and hand everything over to Jesus and allow him to clean and mold us into the person he create, do we show signs of life and start living.

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