Monday, October 6, 2008

Bucket 100

When most think about riding a bicycle 120 miles in two days they only think for a second and then more on. Well if only I was able to do that. Each time a Habitat ride comes around I can never come up with a reason not to ride. Maybe this is how I should start looking at more things in life, because no matter the amount of pain go through during the ride I always look back and see how God pushed me along. It's only because of him I finished.

This last weekend was even more evidence of why I ride and that is because of the JAM Time I was able to have. At the end of last week I was feeling overwhelmed with a lot of different things. My heart was full of different things. My heart was full of ache and I was hurting. It just seemed like I couldn't do anything right. This hole in my heart has been growing and I haven't found a way for Jesus to fill it. And over the 12 hours of riding my bike I was able to understand the hole and come up with ways to allow God and Jesus to have it. It's something that might take a little while but I know with Jesus' help I can do it. I just pray that along the way I can stay strong and follow his lead.

In all this I pray,

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