Sunday, October 26, 2008

Motivation Behide Actions

Over the past couple of weeks I have felt an overwhelming pressure to explain my actions in life. Now I wonder, is this something that comes with the friends I have or is this something that God wants me to evaluate? However because it has been occurring more times then not I become an little uneasy. Do people think I have a deeper meaning be hide my action. I can't even take a vacation, a break from all of this without people questioning my reasons! WHY? Why do I need to example my actions, my hopes, my dreams, and my life with Jesus! Can't building my relationship with Jesus be enough? Can't that be a reason to wonder off? Can't that be a reason to fall in love with each and every person on this earth??? And if not, why can't it? Shouldn't the only person I need to explain things to be Jesus? Then why does everyone need to know, need to understand, and to be involved in every aspect in my life?

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