Friday, October 24, 2008

Picking Up Roots!

Sometimes in life God calls you to pick up your roots and to move. To leave the places you know and the friends and family you love and begin again. To believe in his ways and to follow. I took this step just over a year ago and now I am finding myself faced with the same choice again. However this seems even harder then before. Since moving here I have learned more about Jesus then I have ever thought was possible. I have completely given him my heart and now I look watching as he molds me into the person he originally designed me to be. With this comes a completely new outlook on life. I question my hopes and dreams and wonder what God has planned to turn them into reality and to turn them into the joys of my life. I have also imaged living overseas serving the Lord in some type of mission work. However it has always been on the back of my mind because I was waiting tell I was married and had someone to share the experience with. But lately I have decided that life is not worth waiting around. Life is meant to be full of joys and to live, laugh, love like there is no tomorrow. So now I'll take the leap of love and follow Jesus, where ever his love takes me!

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