Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looking for more in all the wrong places!

Looking for more in life is something that makes you question God's love and his plan for yourself. It guides you away from God and replaces it with earthly things. You question how could this happen? You do everything possible for God's plan, you read the bile, memorize his word, and spend time in fellowship. Is that not enough? How can I keep my way pure? According to Psalm 11:9, 11 " How can a young man keep his ways pure? By living according to your work. I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you." Well don't I do this? Your words are apart of my lifestyles, my hopes and even my dreams. So where am I going wrong? I decided I needed to step back and really see where my heart is. Am I really searching for Jesus or am I just blinded? Blinded by friends? family? career? money? love? All these things that come in the way of completely experiencing Jesus unconditional love and forgiveness. Now how do you know which ones are coming in the way? I am finding that seeking friends and food for comfort is coming in the way of feeling complete and satisfied. When something goes wrong in life I find myself turning to friends to find direction, to find solutions. I know there should be lines I draw. How much do people truly need to know about me? How much of pain should I share? All these things I find my self questioning and seeking to see if they are important part of what God wants me to share. I need to start seeking him first with all elements. He is the only thing that will allow me to feel complete. To make me feel like I belong to satisfy ever desirer, and to fill every hole in my life. I know I am not strong enough to do this on my own so I ask for Jesus help in allowing me to give over everything to him. To leave my plans be hide and to join Jesus in his plans. I pray that he continues to five me strength to keep moving forward to build on our relationship and to become ONE!

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