Monday, September 8, 2008

Living My Dash

1984 - 20??

In life there is your day of birth and then also your death. The (-) dash in between those dates is up to you. How you choose to live is truly in your hands. It's your choice to make the jump and it's your choice to climb down. Which ever way you go is in your hands. It's only God's hand that shows you the way however it's completely up to you to follow. Over my lifetime I have taken my life in my own hands. Made the decisions based on what was best for me or what was easiest. However over the last two months I have given control over to Jesus. Letting him lead me to straight paths. This journey however has has some growing pains, some heartaches, and some detours. But it's with these things that I live my dash. I might of only learned what I don't want to do with my dash but I have learned to completely look to Jesus for my ways. To seek him and to find him with all of my heart. Over the next week I will be working on letting Jesus pill off the hard layer of my heart that has stopped me from expressing emotions, and most of all crying. It's not the past that defines a person it is what they do with the past that defines them. So may I live my dash as Jesus has planned! Enjoying all the ups and learning from the downs.

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