Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bucket List

Another check mark can find its place on my bucket list. After many years of dreaming about skydiving. I along with some amazing friends made the trip to Greene County Skydiving in Ohio. Watching my friends make the jump I questioned if I would be able to also make the jump. As I came closer to the door I got the overwhelming rush of realization that I was in seconds going to be falling 120 mph down to the ground. However at this point it was to late. I was falling, I tried to move, I tried to scream but nothing. Nothing came out, nothing moved, I was in complete ohhhh of the overwhelm view. At no time during the fall was I afraid. I felt safe and I think this was because I knew Jesus would not allow anything to harm me. Looking back on the whole fall I can see how Jesus wants me to live life. Even when life seems like it is crashing to the ground I need to feel safe in Jesus' arms. That it's going to be ok. That I need to seek his guidance and then he will provide me with the safety net to calm everything down around me! So I guess at every moment I am learning from Jesus! What a great way for Jesus to teach me a lesson. :D

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