Sunday, January 29, 2017

Against Norms

Life is too short to live among the norms. Part of life is learning to go away from what the world tells you and more to where the Lord is leading. This path can lead you to some remarkable rewards but it can also lead you through some of the most challenging days. 

As I grow older I see people questioning my norm and the most common is why are you not married. We each have this ideal in our head that we need someone to be complete and don't get me wrong, some days I have those feelings as well. I pray for someone, even if it's just a shimmer of hope. A short relationship which at least tells me I'm lovable or a little fling that reminds me what it's like to have those butterflies again. It's those longing which can easily cause us to question our faith... to wonder what God's plan is and even throw in the towels.

I'm however grateful that it is in times like those that I'm reminded of my past and all the times I did what the world told me... how the excitement and joy of those decisions quickly turned to pain, sorrow and loneliness... these feelings continue to effect long after the excitement is over. It is in these settle reminders from God that his plan is so much better then I could even imagine and so I cling to that. I place the unknown of tomorrow in his hands and I know without a matter of a doubt that it will be greater then I could ever imagine! 

So yes I dream of a day I can walk hand-in-hand with the one the Lord sent but until that day I will walk with the Lord. Allowing the Lord to shape and mold me into the women he desires me to be. Part of that shaping is learning who God created me to be... and I think the image below is a prefect example of that! I'm not the most showing, put together person... but give me a hammock and the great outdoors and you will see a side of me you never knew was possible. 

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