Monday, February 21, 2011

The race is on...

So today start the first day of the race to get healthy and to win some money for China. In my outlook every penny matters. Therefore I made a little bet with my mother. The bet you may ask... well it is who can lose the largest percentage of weight by May 1st. If I win I get $500 to spend on my trip to China. If I lose I can't go to Haiti this year. So in order to earn money for China and also be able to go to Haiti I must fight now and get rid of this unwanted weight. I take on the challenge with hopeful outlooks but I know it will be quite hard. I mean how can someone restrict the temptation of cheese cake as well as 12 boxes of girl scout cookies in your house?? Yes I know very tempting. In order to complete this task I will need your help and encouragement along the way. I will post once a week about the progress and my weekly goals.

Week Goals
 - Run a total of 12 miles
 - Take daily Vitamins
 - Drink 8 glasses of water a day