Friday, May 8, 2009

The Great Adventure 2009: Step 2

Step two of the great adventure began with packing! Now how do you pack for three trips in four months all at one time??? Now that is a question I'm still not sure but I did my best. It would be one thing if these adventures would be in the same climate but nope, not for my luck. But that's ok because that is part of the journey the Lord is laying before me.

So I continued to pack and sort through all of the clothes I own. I guess I never knew I had so many but finally I was able to manage to organize this madness and clean up my mess. All nicely packed or should I say stuffed into three bags.
If I forgot something at this point I'll just have to find the closet Wal-Mart. :D

So now I'm off, ready to begin my journey and rely on Jesus' Strength and his ability to provide. Please join me on this journey as the Lord molds and shapes me into the women he created me to be.

God Bless each of you.

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