Friday, May 8, 2009

The Great Adventure 2009: Step 1

The start of another journey... I never could of imagine what the Lord would do with my life. Over the next four months the Lord will be working in ways I never knew he could. Next week I will be packing up and riding a bicycle around the state of Indiana for Habitat for Humanity. A total of 350 miles. The day after I get back I will be moving to KY. So, last night I starting preparing for my great adventure by cleaning out my storage unit, my car! This might not be to hard for to many people but for me this is a once in a life time task. As you can see the piles began to build up out side the car. After a couple of hours you can see that there is a huge improvement. I can't remember the last time my car has looked this good on the inside. I think it might of been eight years ago when I bought it.

Many who know me will love the next photo. Now, here is a question for you. What do you keep in your trunk???? After cleaning through the piles, only the necessary items remained. For me I found my first aid/tool box, a blanket, scraper, kite, and yes crutches! You never know what adventure the Lord will send you on and you never know what shape he will bring you back in.

So with that said I pray that the Lord keep and protect me on this adventure with him. May the Lord provide for all my needs and allow me to grow in my relationship with him. For he is the Lord Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and above all my creator!

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