Sunday, November 9, 2008

Passion Eyes

Often enough we forget about the passion we have. The passion for love, success, hopes, and dreams. We hold back on things that make are heart race because of the risk of failure. Yesterday, however I received a boast in my inspiration. I was showing an apartment to an individual who was moving to the community as a visiting professor. Along with this lady came her sponsor. This gentleman and I began to discuss my future and career path. I told him about my education so far and what I was thinking about in the near future. He however told me that I had to much passion in my heart and eyes to settle for less. That he could see the fire burning in my eyes to accomplish more then I ever dreamed of. This made me think about life and what passions God has given me. What will I do with these passions and how will I know it's what God has planned? Will I settle for being content or dreaming dreams beyond my imagination. Using it to soar beyond all expectations and desires. This passion I have I believe is the passion of faith. Of knowing that whatever I set my mind to God will provide along to journey. So I take this inspiration to heart and begin to search out side the box for a journey, a door Jesus is unlocking! What it will unlock Jesus only knows and until then I will embrace this passion and allow it to fill every corner of my heart!

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