Thursday, November 13, 2008


Growing up I was always told about how laughter is great medicine but truly didn't believe it tell last night. I was reading a friend's cousin's blog and just started laughing. Now I'm not just saying a small little laugh but a full blown belly laugh. I sat there reading and watching the videos posted on this blog laughing so hard for about 30 minutes. I couldn't help myself. My roommate came over and wanted to know what was so funny so I joined her in on the blog. So not only once did I get to enjoy the laughter but twice! I don't remember the last time I have laughed so hard, but I can tell you it was just what I have been praying for. It brought a new since of fulfillment to my life. A fresh start to the cloudy days, and a renewed love for Jesus. The joys of life came though in my laughter and now that is something I have been missing. The happiness of living and the joys that Jesus brings each one of us. So the next time a cloudy day comes I will look for Jesus showing me a little laughter!!!

God Bless the Lord

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Blessed Nest said...

I hope and pray that you enjoyed your day!! Have a wonderful Christmas season finding joy in the one we celebrate. Jesus!