Saturday, February 11, 2017

Digging Deep

The struggle is real. Digging deep for the strength to hold on. Looking for answers... praying for directions and holding on for dear life. The day-to-day can seem overwhelming and the will to hold on seems to be fading fast. It's at moments like these I'm reminded of my roots. The roots which keeps me from falling. The same roots which give me hope of a brighter tomorrow. 

I know I struggle and that's ok. I often question the purpose of where I am and what God has planned and that's ok. I wonder what tomorrow brings and that's ok. I over think things and that's ok. I hide away from my feelings and that's ok... It's ok because that is where I am... There has to be a starting point. God has already brought me a long way and he continues to work on me. He has brought me where I am and he is molding and shaping me into the women he desires. It's not easy and that's why many days I want to run but I hold on and trust. I trust this will get more comfortable. I trust that he has a plan in the mist of this all and that the brokenness will turn into something God honoring. Something that looks more like Christ! 

So when things are going well I dig, so that when things are out of control I have the foundation of Christ. This foundation allows me not to wavier to far from him. It's in this truth I rest. 

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