Sunday, June 3, 2012

Double Rainbow

One of my favorite thing in life is seeing a rainbow after a strong storm. A couple years ago I discovered the power of a double rainbow. It came during one of the most trying times of my life. Seeing two full rainbows right there next to each other reminded me of God's faithfulness. It is the storms of life that we see God's glory beaming it's light against the after mist of the storm to show one of the most amazing masterpieces, A Rainbow. It's in those times we need reminded of God's love and faithfulness even through the pain and sorrow of life, God never leaves us. I haven't seen a rainbow in a while but I have been reminded of God's faithfulness this last week. He has shown me the rainbow in my own life. Of course, it is not the same as the bright colorful one found in the sky for all to see, but never the less it has brighten my life and shown me the true colors of God's work in and through the rain drops of my life. So when the raindrops begin to fall I will lift my hands to the Lord and allow His rays of light to shine bright for all to see.

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