Monday, January 10, 2011

Fire Starters

Growing up we had a wood burning fire place. I just loved starting the fire and warming up next to it. There is just something about getting lost in the fire. Now as I get older I still remember those days. This last August I moved into a house with a couple of friends. One of the plus's about the house is that we have a fireplace. In the last month we have began using it and it has been amazing. Starting the fire however has been a pain. So tonight I made fire starters. They are really easy to make and are made of used egg cartons, lent, and candle wax. The first step is the place the lent into the egg carton. They cuts wax into small pieces and place in an old tin can on the stove. Melt wax. When wax is melted pour wax over lent. Fill till full. Let cool. Then you use one to two parts to start the fire. You don't even need paper. Works amazing and would recommend to anyone. Enjoy and happy warmth to each of you.

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