Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Time...

Today Laura and I went Christmas Tree Shopping. This is my first ever real Christmas Tree. The guy we bought it from told me I must be a City Girl. However I told him I am far from that. I mean I did grow up in the middle of Nebraska. I'm pretty sure that can't be considered the city. But any ways after getting the tree we went to Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas pretties. Then of course we had to get a Christmas Shake. Having are luck every single kind we wanted was out. We ended up getting the Mint Oreo and it was pretty good not going to lie. Laura thought it was funny we went through the drive-thru with a tree on top of our car so she wanted a picture. We also decorated the tree after getting home. It looks pretty amazing if I do have to say so myself. More photos to come.

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