Sunday, April 5, 2009


Each day I turn to the Lord to praise him for the abilities he has provided me. The ability to walk, to dance, and even to cry. Today, I joined Jesus in a time of submission. Walking arm-in-arm with him around campus. Learning his plan for me and how he must break me of my own hard headed strength so that I can completely submit myself to him. I began crying over my past ways and at that moment the Lord began crying with me. I felt the gentle hand of the Lord reaching down to me. I lifted my arms and began dancing in Jesus' tears. The cares of the world disappeared and over the next hour I had the most intense conversation with Jesus I have ever had. Laying my heart and mind at his feet so he could soften them. I walked down the isle with Jesus' and recommitted my love for him. Submitting to his power, grace, and his will for me. So each day I will praise the Lord for his strength and his will to not only submit to him but to every brother in Christ.

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