Monday, March 2, 2009

New Pair of Shoes

Tonight, I stood at the foot of the cross and watched as my sins were nailed to it. The power and emotion that over came me was something I wasn't expecting. Freedom and peace was released from with in that was pushing to find a way out. My whole life I have always carried a pair of running shoes with me. Whenever life got hard or something didn't go my way I would just put on another mask and my running shoes and run. New places, new faces, and new opportunities to be someone different, and someone else. I never knew what this was doing to my heart tell I tried handing my shoes over when I gave my heart to Jesus. I didn't know a life with out them and what would happen if I took a wrong turn. There would be no way out. How could I keep my head above water with out them. I feared that exposing my true identity would leave me all alone and empty. But what I realized tonight was that by keeping my running shoes around they were creating a sense of emptiness and loneliness in my life. The desire to hand my running shoes over has became increasing powerful and tonight I made the decision to finally trade Jesus shoes. To hand over my running shoes for a brand new pair of shoes, dancing shoes. Not any type of shoes but hand crafted one-of-a-kind dancing shoes made just for me. So, I begin the new dance in my life, as I follow, may I learn to trust and truly lean on my leader and Savior, Jesus.

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